A scientist employed by the Roxoxn Oil Company, Dr. Malachi Oz went into the Rocky Mountains when he heard rumors about the secret society of the Changelings, genetically engineered human/animal hybrids. There, his scouts met Leoninus, a rogue Changeling who was willing to betray his own kind. The traitorous Changeling brought all female Changelings to Dr. Oz and hit team. Oz admired Leoninus and invited him to come with them. In Roxxon’s lab, Dr. Oz immediately began to test the Changelings for his future plan to crossbreed them with normal animals to create a perfect work force. Oz saw in an unorthodox way even beauty in the Changeling Dovina and Leoninus joked that Oz wanted to do some crossbreeding on his own. Luckily, Woodgod found Oz’s lab and attacked. Oz’s men couldn’t stop him and the whole lab got trashed by Woodgod. Oz tried to defend himself against the enraged Woodgod, but got trashed too.


Oz was an expert in the process of crossbreeding. His weapon of choice was a pistol he was hardly able to use.

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