In Ancient History 101, Tony, Pepper, Rhodey, and Gene Kahn investigate the Temple of Wisdom in New Jersey, which had been explored by Howard Stark, but then abandoned when Obadiah Stane was put in charge.[1] They find a history book and a sword with an inscription on it on separate pedestals and dozens of Dreadknight statues. Gene thought that reading the book is the way to pass the test, so he opened it and reads the Chinese word for "begin", "Chong". The test begins and the group is separated. Tony and Pepper are together and Tony fights the animated Dreadknights as Iron Man. Gene and Rhodey find the history of the Makluan Rings and the origin of the tests. When more Dreadknights show up, Gene secretly knocks Rhodey out and fights the statues as the Mandarin. Tony learns that the key to passing the test is the inscriptions on the sword. Tony gets the sword and uses the translators in his suit's computers to pronounce the Chinese word for "end", "Jung". The Dreadknights are turned back into statues and the ring is reactivated. After they get out, the sword splits in two, revealing the map to the next ring.[2]

In The Invincible Iron Man, Part 1, Tony Stark set up a new Amory inside the Makluan Temple in Jersey before he went to China to search for Gene. It has improved equipment and defenses so to avoid another explosion and have every spy satellite (even S.H.I.E.L.D. and NASA) in the world to search for Gene and other supervillians, if he is out there, they will find him. [3]

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