In World On Fire, Tony, Rhodes, and Pepper go to the Temple of Temperance at the foot of Mt. Saint Helens. In the temple, there is a light and two containers one each side, one with ice and one with coal. When Pepper accidentally knocks the ice in the light, the ring's guardian, Firebrand, turns Rhodey into a fire monster and attacks Tony/Iron Man, thus beginning the test. Tony and Pepper learn that if they don't pass the test soon, the volcano will blow and trigger other natural disasters that will exterminate the human race. When Pepper ends up doing the opposite and puts the coal in the light, Firebrand leaves Rhodey's body and possesses her. Rhodey manages to call Gene and learns that both the ice and the coal must go in the light together, as temperance means not too much of any one thing. Once that was done, Firebrand leaves Pepper's body, the test is passed and the ring is activated. After leaving the temple, Tony realizes that he can't use the ring, but The Mandarin can.

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