In the episode Hide and Seek, Tony Stark and Gene Kahn search for the next ring in the Temple of Courage in Greenland. When they find a statue inside, Gene wants to activate the test, but Tony says that they should take the ring without beginning the test. Later, Gene, as the Mandarin, teleports back and attempts to pass the test. He unleashes the ring's guardian, Ultimo. Ultimo quickly tossed Mandarin aside and walked all the way from Greenland to New York to get the ring back. Tony, as Iron Man tries to fight it, but every attempt made it grow in size and power. Even when Iron Man gave it back, Ultimo continued to attack him because he was still "holding" a weapon (namely his suit). Iron Man discovers that true courage is to put down your weapon. When he turned off his suit, Ultimo shrunk to his normal size and give him the ring. The Mandarin appeared and took the third active ring from Iron Man. The map to the next ring is hidden somewhere on Ultimo's head.

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