Makio Yakaki was an advisor for the Fantastic Four's financial dealings. When the Human Torch accidentally set fire to Empire State University, Makio and the Fantastic Four's lawyer Matt Murdock were called in by the Invisible Woman to settle the issue with the University. Both Makio and Murdock were disturbed by Sue's ruthless behavior, unaware that she was possessed by her evil Malice persona. [1] She negotiated with ESU to drop charges against the Torch if the Fantastic Four offered to give future proceeds of the FF's various patents to the university as well as offer to construct a new athletic center, an offer that the Invisible Woman was insistent on offering even though it would put the Fantastic Four's financial resources on a heavy strain. [2] She was later present when Murdock returned to the Four Freedoms Plaza to convince the Torch to surrender himself to the authorities. [3] Eventually the Torch managed to clear his name. [4] Makio's subsequent activities are unknown.

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