Mahapralaya was a latter-day priest of the Cult of Entropy. He took his name from an ancient Hindu theory about the dissolution of the Universe. In order to show their devotion to their cause, the cultists infected their own bodies with a variety of fatal viruses and diseases, giving them a jaundiced appearance similar to that of rotting corpses. Mahapralaya even acquired fresh recruits by way of his website As his disciples began to grow, they met a being known as Mister Termineus who apprised them of the fact that the Nexus of All Realities had been shattered and that such an incident threatened to destroy all reality. Mahapralaya knew that the Nexus' guardian the Man-Thing would be goaded into protecting the fragmented shards, so he set out to find the various pieces himself. He discovered that the Nexus fragments had housed themselves within human beings, one of which being Howard the Duck. Mahapralaya captured Howard and brought him into the Florida Everglades, the original site of the Nexus of All Realities. He believed that if he could destroy but one of the fragments, then the Nexus could never be restored, and thus his dreams of universal dissolution would come to fruition. However, the Man-Thing intervened, and intercepted the Nexus shard before Mahapralaya could acquire it. After which, the swamp creature turned his corrosive touch against the cult leader with unexpected results. Rather than burning Mahapralaya's face, The Man-Thing's powers, working in concert with the Nexus shard, actually healed his disease-ridden body, turning him into a normal person. Moments later, Mahapralaya staggered off into the swamp.[citation needed]

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