The Magus was the ruler of Kvch, homeworld of the Technarchy, and its most powerful being. When his son Warlock fled their homeworld, due to his fear of having to face his father in mortal combat, the Magus pursued him to Earth in order to kill him.[2]

Spawn used by the Purifiers

The mutant-haters, the Purifiers, discovered the Magus in a state of hibernation on the ocean floor. Bastion collected the Magus' spawn and used the Transmode Virus to resuscitate and transform long-dead enemies of the X-Men into the members of the Human Council.[1]

Eli Bard stole the techno-organic virus from the Magus' spawn, apparently killing it.[3]


The Magus has unlimited shape-shifting powers

Strength level

His strength is variable considering what form he takes, but when at full power he can split a star into two and hurl it through space





He has in the past used teleportation

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