Magneta is a mutant in with powers over magnetism. She has patterned her costume and herself after Magneto, who she considers to be her direct predecessor. While she claims that most that Magneto's core ideals have merit when stripped of his arrogant rhetoric, and that he is more a victim of bad spin-control than anything else, in reality she is drawn to the raw power and charisma he possessed. She approached several heroes (including J2 and Wild Thing) in an attempt to draw them into a more "pro-active" super-heroic team, but in reality she sees team-building as the first step to achieving power and glory.[1]

She successfully recruited Wild Thing and a young woman named Daze to become members of her new group.[2]

For unexplained reasons, Magneta later accepted a subordinate and criminal role as a member of the Red Queen's Revengers.[3]

Magneta later turned completely to the dark side and founded a Sisterhood of Mutants as a first strike army for mutants against human oppression. Her efforts to recruit a Midtown High student named Nucleus brought her into conflict with Spider-Girl and the X-People.[4]


Magneta is a mutant with the following powers:

  • Magnetokinesis: Magneta possess the ability to mentally control metal.
    • Flight: Using those magnetic powers, Magneta is able to fly.

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