Josefsen was a longshoreman who was still strong and revile even after he passed the age of sixty. Josefsen had an idea that "real men" were always macho and didn't like "wussy men" that he saw the younger generation as being. When his granddaughter Astrid brought home a hippie boy, that was the final straw. Eventually establishing a costumed identity of the "Mad Viking", Josefsen chased his granddaughter in to the swamps outside Citrusville to teacher he a lesson. This brought him into conflict with the Man-Thing who was drawn to the Mad Viking's negative emotions.
Fighting off the Man-Thing, the Viking caught up to his granddaughter who tried to seek the help of shock-rocker "Star" Spangler, who had taken up residence in the old Sallis cabin for inspiration for his next album. The Viking would murder Spangler and his followers until he was ultimately stopped by the Man-Thing who ended up burning the Viking's hand when he finally gave into his fear[1].
When the police began hunting down Mad Viking following his murder spree, Viking hid from the law in Citrusville. However, he went from public enemy number one, to a hero in the eyes of an angry mob that had formed in Citrusville that believe that books teaching sex education and other concepts outside of their Christian worldview as indecent and worth of being burned.
The Viking led the mob to Citrusville High School where they attempted to burn the textbooks there. When confronted by Richard Rory and his granddaughter, they tried to shake him of his macho beliefs by showing everyone that Astrid was the product of his upbringing. The Mad Viking would respond by killing his own granddaughter.
Although the mob succeeded in burning the books, the Mad Viking was killed when the Man-Thing (who had been reduced to a being of chemical suds from a trip through the Citrusville sewage treatment plant) slew the Mad Viking at a touch. As the chemicals dissolved the Mad Viking's body, the Man-Thing was restored to normal.


The Mad Viking has amazing (but not super-human) strength given the fact that he was in his sixties. He wore a Viking inspired battle helmet and axe as weapons.

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