By his own accounts, the Mad Gargoyle is the "greatest electrical scientist known to man" and his inventions supposedly led to the downfall of France when it was captured by the Nazis in 1940. His claims or any ties to the Nazi party are unsubstantiated. Whatever truth there is behind his claims, he was an inventive genius who created a tractor beam device that could pull aircraft from the sky.

Moving to Panama, the Gargoyle would take over leadership of a jungle tribe and using his device would pull passenger planes along American flight paths to the temple to be sacrificed by the natives. This was to appease the natives sacrifice rituals where they would sacrifice one of their old and frail members as well as one of their captives by launching them both over the opposite sides of a dormant volcano. Whoever would make it to the other side would find the gods favor. His true motive was to remove planes that could be potentially converted into war planes when the United States would enter into the war.

His activities would attract the attention of the Angel who would travel to Panama. Allowing himself to be captured by the natives, he would learn of the Gargoyles plot and in one-on-one combat against the Gargoyle would stumble off the side of his temple and fall to his death. The Angel would then free the captured pilots and their passengers.


The Mad Gargoyle utilized a tractor beam device that could pull aircraft out of the sky and force them to land.

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