Mac Mangel was a corrupt police officer operating in Sink City, Illinois. During his last week on duty before retirement, he was infected with an Ultra Samurai Seed released into the public by the Beyond Corporation. Mangel began acting more violently, consuming metal and causing destruction. The Nextwave Squad arrived in Sink City seeking the Seed and engaged Mangel.[1]

Mac Mangel (Earth-616) from Nextwave Vol 1 4 001

Mangel continued to change, growing into a giant creature. He proceeded to battle the Nextwave Squad and his underlying personality as a corrupt police officer began to emerge. Boom Boom managed to destroy the robotic form that had overtaken Mangel. Mangel, dazed and confused, was found by Boom Boom and X-51 who proceeded to beat him. With the intervention of Monica Rambeau, Mangel was turned over to his "friends" - victims of his corrupt police behaviour.[1]

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