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Military Intelligence, Section 5; Security Service
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MI5 is a British Secret Service that aims to protect United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from harm. They often draw on the British superhuman community for assistance with superhuman threats. Such heroes as Union Jack, Micromax and Excalibur have gone on missions for MI5 in the name of public security.[1]

Union Jack, for instance, along with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s U.K. liaison the Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Israeli superheroine Sabra and the new Arabian Knight, was pressed into service by MI5 to stop a R.A.I.D. terrorist attack on London.[2] At the conclusion of this mission, Union Jack discovered that MI5's assistant director Philip Gavin had learned of R.A.I.D.'s plot some time before, but allowed it to happen anyway in order to force the organization's Director to resign, thereby ensuring his own promotion to the role of Director. Union Jack forced Gavin to come clean about his plan to the British media.[1] It is unclear who the current director of the agency is.

Equipment: Advanced scientific equipment
Transportation: Flying cars
Weapons: Advanced and conventional firearms and weaponry

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