MCM-XLI was one of a group of four space explorers who later assumed the names of Donar, Froh and Loga. MCM-XLI herself became known as Brunnhilde. Brunnhilde was the navigator of the exploratory vessel known as the Tekeli-Li and was in command of a powerful artifact known as the Ring of the Nebulas.

In December of 1941, Brunnhilde's ship crashed behind the Siegfried Line in Northern France, where it was soon discovered by a Nazi scientist named Werner Schmidt. Schmidt, better known as "Brain Drain", recovered the aliens and used the intense power of the Ring of the Nebulas to bend them to their will. Brunnhilde however, proved more willful than her male comrades and escaped from Brain Drain's clutches.

She was present during a Nazi bombing in Paris, and although she survived, she emerged from the wreckage with no knowledge of who she truly was. Brunnhilde met Captain America, who became instantly infatuated with her, and pledged to help her no matter what. Traveling with Cap's team the Invaders, Brunnhilde soon regained her memories and fought alongside them to free her friends from Brain Drain's control. During the course of the battle, both the Ring of the Nebulas and the Tekeli-Li were destroyed. Once freed from Brain Drain's mind control, the aliens realized that they could never return to the stars. Unwilling to remain abandoned on the planet Earth, they decided to take their own lives by diving into a pit of acid in Brain Drain's laboratory[1].

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