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Quote1 Crush. Kill. DESTROY!!!! Quote2
-- M-11 src


M-11 (Earth-616) Creation

M-11's original appearance.

There are two accounts of the origin of M-11.

One account states that M-11 was created by a scientist in 1954. The scientist's business manager sought to sell the robot, however the inventor refused to allow the sale until his creation was perfected. The scientist's major concern was the manner in which commands were relayed to the Robot. It was commanded by a special microphone that broadcasted instructions through a special frequency. The problem emerged when the robot implemented a commanded action. It would perform the command as ordered, but would then perform the command a second and third time. In fact it would be compelled to perform the command over and over and over, without end. The scientist hypothesized that he could build some sort of regulatory device that would stop the robot from performing the commands in an infinite loop. However, before he could install the device, his business manager stole the command microphone and ordered M-11 to "Kill the man in the room." When M-11's inventor returned, the robot followed its orders, strangling its creator to death. When the business manager entered the room to claim the robot, it strangled him to death. Unfortunately for the duplicitous manager, the command to "kill the man in the room" was in an infinite loop. With both men dead, M-11 went out into the world seeking men in new rooms to kill.[1] It was later revealed that while this account was inspired by the events which led to the creation of M-11 the Living Robot, the true story was perhaps not so grim.

In reality, the robot was commissioned by the international terrorist known as Yellow Claw as part of a complicated plan to establish his unwitting successor, FBI agent Jimmy Woo, as a great hero, the robot M-11 was completed in 1954 by an unidentified professor. Concerned at creating a killing machine completely under the control of Plan's Atlas Foundation, and pressured to hand over M-11 before he could complete the programming modifications he wanted, the scientist took the drastic step of having the robot electrocute him, correctly reasoning that somehow part of his displaced life essence would encode itself in its neural net, giving it free will and emotions. After slaying him, M-11 left the lab and walked into the sea, where it lay inert[2].


Four years later, Plan Chu kidnapped President Elsenhower, and as he intended, Woo gathered together a team of "G-Men" to rescue him. M-11 had been found by the Atlantean Namora, while she was searching for her missing cousin Namor; she informed Woo of the machine, and he retrieved it. Its teammate Marvel Boy used Uranian know-how to restore it to working order; M-11 worked with the group out of choice and a growing loyalty to Woo, but pretended to be controlled by a voice-activated radio device Woo carried. After a successful first mission, the G-Men worked together for another six months, battling foes such as the mysterious Foundation and the cosmic-ray mutated dog Laika, before instructions came from above to disband. M-11 was covertly retrieved by Plan Chu, and over the succeeding decades it allowed him to make numerous upgrades to its systems.

Agent of Atlas

Recently Plan Tzu moved to pass on his mantle to Woo. After Woo was critically injured while investigating Atlas, Plan convinced M-11 to enlist former teammates Gorilla-Man, who got them in to the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility where Woo was being treated, and Grayson, whose alien technology restored Woo to health and youth after the trio broke Woo out. Initially unaware Plan Chu was watching their every move through M-11's eye, James Woo reformed the G-Men to discover the truth behind Atlas. M-11 deduced that Namora, long believed dead, was still alive, and led them to her frozen body, which it revived. After realizing Plan had been manipulating them and ordering M-11 to sever his connection to Plan, Woo led the G-Men to confront their opponent. Plan explained his actions, and ceded control of Atlas to Woo. M-11 currently remains with his former teammates as one of Woo's new Agent of Atlas.


M-11 is bulletproof, equipped with telescopic limbs possessing superhuman strength and which it can electrify, and, if shattered, it can pull its scattered components back together within minutes. Its ability to repair itself is a magical power bestowed upon it by Mr. Lao called a "restoration enchantment". It can project protective forcefields, and a destructive "death ray" which emanates from its eye. Its visual and audio sensors are extremely acute. Its computer brain is capable of independent reasoning and can access any computer network on Earth, downloading vast amounts of data for analysis. It is able to access knowledge from any computer database on Earth

Its designation is a nod to its first appearance in the comics in Menace #11.

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