The Man-Ape is the head of the Wakanda of the Jabari Village who are followers of the White Gorilla Cult. The Man-Ape challenged King T'Chaka for the kingship of Wakanda, having arranged for Klaw to secretly help the Man-Ape by using a sonic weapon to weaken T'Chaka during the fight.

The Man-Ape killed King T'Chaka and usurped the throne. He opened the Sacred Vibranium Mound to Hydra, who had just begun mining operations when T'Chaka's son, T'Challa returned with the Avengers to challenge the Man-Ape, as the Black Panther. Defeated in ritual combat by the Black Panther, the status of the Man-Ape is unclear, but presumably he is imprisoned in Wakanda.

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