The Man-Ape was the head of the Wakanda of the Jabari Village who are followers of the White Gorilla Cult. The Man-Ape challenged King T'Chaka for the kingship of Wakanda, having arranged for Klaw to secretly help the Man-Ape by using a sonic weapon to weaken T'Chaka during the fight.

The Man-Ape killed King T'Chaka and usurped the throne.[1] He opened the Sacred Vibranium Mound to Hydra, who had just begun mining operations when T'Chaka's son, T'Challa returned with the Avengers to challenge the Man-Ape, as the Black Panther. Defeated in ritual combat by the Black Panther, the status of the Man-Ape is unclear, but presumably he is imprisoned in Wakanda.[2]


Seemingly those of Man-Ape of Earth-616


Seemingly those of Man-Ape of Earth-616

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