M'Baku was a long time enemy of the Black Panther, therefore he joined the Shadow Council along with N'Jadaka with plans to overthrow the Royal Family.

M'Baku (Earth-12041) Marvel's Avengers Assemble Season 5 4

He and his gang came after the White Wolf for refusing to join them and stealing data containing all Wakandan officials who are in-leagued with the Shadow Council. M'Bake was able to find him but was unable apprehend him with T'Challa in the way. While he was seemingly defeated, M'Baku followed White Wolf, Shuri and Black Panther to the location of where the stolen data was hidden. Upon arrival, M'Baku used his Force Enhancer suit to activate his white gorilla armor to destroy them.


M'Baku (Earth-12041) wearing a Force Enhancer in Marvel's Avengers Assemble Season 5 4
Force Enhancer: a suit M'Baku wears that creates an armor over his entire body which protects the wearer and enhances their strength. The suit seemingly takes the shape and form of a huge white gorilla.

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