Lytton Synge

Lytton Synge

Lytton Synge is the son of Noah Synge, leader of the Greater Nevada Syndicate, and brother of Desdemona Synge.

Against his father's will and hatred for the Mega-Corporations, Lytton made business deals with Alchemax and the Cyber-Nostra. Lytton killed his father for Noah's seat in the Greater Nevada Syndicate and for control of his casino and framed Xi'an Chi Xan.

Lytton is a drug addict who injects a drug called Shriek. After his involvement in his father's murder was exposed Lytton's sister Desdemona took over the Casino and had Lytton locked away as her prisoner where he suffered through withdrawal from the drug. When Halloween Jack took over the casino Desdemona injected Lytton with a drug to turn him into an overly muscled monster and placed a device at the base of his skull to control his movements. Lytton was murdered by Doom for interrupting his conversation with Halloween Jack.[1]


super strength to an unknown extent

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