Luther Robinson was a citizen of Maine and lived their with his girlfriend Lynn Harris. In the early 1940's following the Sub-Mariner's first attack on New York City, Robinson would become determined to do something about the Atlantean menace. To this end, he would commission the cruise ship "Colleen" and it's captain to mount an attack on Atlantis in the Antarctic. During the battle, the Sub-Mariner would become smitten by Lynn and capture her and attempt to escape in one of his aero-subs. However, Luther would destroy the sub with a torpedo, and finding Lynn alive in the wreckage rescue her from danger[1]. Luther's attack on Atlantis would end with the death of most of those on deck except for himself, Lynne and one of his colleagues. They would be brought before Emperor Thakorr who would order the men locked up, intending to execute them later. Having a change of heart about his attackers, Namor would make sure that Luther learned that Lynne was captured as well encouraging him to break out of his cell and rescue Lynne and escape[2]. On their way back home, their plane would run out of fuel and crash in the antarctic region, forcing Lynne and Luther to accept rescue from a Nazi U-Boat. By this point, Namor's mother Princess Fen would demand that Namor marry Lynne and send him out to capture her. Namor would destroy the German sub, taking Lynn as his prisoner and leave Luther to die in the freezing waters. Luther would survive and be rescued by a British vessel. Convincing them to go back to Atlantis so he can rescue Lynne, he would arrive just as Atlantean scientist finished performing an operation to turn Lynne into an amphibian. Luther would rescue Lynne and once more escape Namor's clutches[3].

Relocating the New York City, Luther and Lynne would try to resume a normal life again. However, Namor would not stay out of their lives for long. Tracking the couple down, the Sub-Mariner would force them both to return to Atlantis with him so that Lynne could be forced into marrying him. Luther would be put under the same surgery as Lynne allowing him to breath underwater. The two humans would attempt to escape only to be stopped once more by the Sub-Mariner. Giving up hope, Luther and Lynne would give up, telling Namor that they would no longer attempt to escape his kingdom[4].

Luther and Lynne would become accommodating to Namor as best they could. Following the Nazi occupation of France in 1941, Luther and Lynne would accompany Namor to France where they would prevent the Nazis from digging a tunnel under the English Channel. The pair would be left behind while Namor would go off to aid the Human Torch prevent Imperial Japan from completing a similar tunnel to Alaska[5]. Returning to France, Namor would bring Luther and Lynne back to Atlantis with him. There, Luther would be put to work in the Atlantean electronics lab. Growing home sick, Luther and Lynne would request permission to be able to return to America for a month, but this request would be denied by Emperor Thakkor. Later, Luther would accompany a team of Atlanteans to investigate an abandoned Nazi outpost. There, he would use the radio equipment to call from help. The radio call would be picked up by police woman Betty Dean a sometime ally of the Sub-Mariner. She and her Legion of Loyalists would storm Atlantis and succeed in freeing Luther and Lynne from captivity[6].

While escaping, Luther and the others would be attacked by Nazis and be rescued by the Sub-Mariner who came to recapture Luther and Lynne. However, Betty Dean would convince Namor that he would be better to focus his energies on the Nazis instead of keeping Luther and Lynne as his slaves. Agreeing, Namor would accept their aid in rebuilding his depleted aero-sub fleet. Namor would allow them all to leave thereafter[7].

Taking a vacation in Florida, Luther, Lynne and Betty would encounter the Lavorites aliens claiming to come from Venus who were working with the Nazis. They would convince the Sub-Mariner to foil this operation[8]. After which, Luther and Lynne would bid Namor farewell[9].

Luther and Lynne have not been seen since, and their fate remains unrecorded.


Luther has been surgically altered to survive underwater. His body is resistant to the oceans pressures and colder temperatures and he can breath underwater as well as on the surface.


Luther is a capable fighter and an has an understanding of electronics.

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