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The Lurking Unknown is a extra-dimensional being that gains his powers from the fear of other lifeforms. It destroyed world after world, never had never been defeated, eventually he was feared across the Universe.

Odin the All-father had the power to summon the creature and used it's powers to his advantage. Due to the fearlessness of the Asgardian they used the creature to test the young Asgardians in a right of passage. Thor requested his father the permission to marry his long time love the mortal Jane Foster. Odin decided to test her worthiness so granted he the powers of an Asgardian and sent her to meet with the Lurker.

Jane faced the creature head on but was overcame with fear and called for help from Thor. He easily deafeated the creature, but with janes failure Odin banished Jane from Asgard, Thor then travelled to find the Lurker in the Crystal Glade of Gundershelm. Due to losing Jane; Thor is easily defeated the Lady Sif intervenes and helps Thor regain his courage.

The Lurker was one of the founding members of the Fear Lords, beings with plans to plunge Earth into a state of iternal fear. Straw Man however, refused to join and betrayed the Fear Lords by asking Doctor Strange for help against them.

The Lurker found Straw Man and burned his fragile body. Dr. Strange and his wife Clea were due to force of will overcame their fear of the creature. Without anything to feed on the creature shrank in size, to the point were Dr. Strange could crush it in his hand. The Lurker was captured in a small ball of mystic energy, where he is still kept to this day.

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