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This page treats of a concept of species that didn't exist, but was presented as real for a time.


Romulus claimed that some humans evolved from canines instead of primates, the Lupine, or Lupus sapiens.[1]

For his trick to be believed by Wolverine, he created in Wakanda, around his vibranium mine[2] in an elephant graveyard,[1] a scene with bones,[3] fitting Wolverine's visions and the stories about the Lupine. Those bones led the Wakandans and Wolverine to more or less believe the possibilities of humans having evolved from other sources.[1]

As some mutants presenting mutations with a "lupine component"[1] ("the Feral Gene"),[2] they were more or less supposed to be from that species.

However, Remus stated that these claims were nothing but lies made up by Romulus, and that Romulus was in fact looking to create a new species.[2]

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Representatives: These beings were supposed to to be Lupine:


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