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Lupa Lupoff was a communist spy active in the 1950s. She was also her employers assassin to eliminate those who failed in their missions. Her identity as the Executioner was a secret to all those but her employers and those she eliminated, not even her husband Arnold was aware of her secret role.

In 1954, Lupa and Arnold were sent to Las Vegas, Nevada where they were assigned to steal the plans for an atomic trigger for a new atomic cannon being developed by American scientist Jim Slade. To this end, Lupa romanced Slade and began dating him in order to get close enough to the secret plans. However with news that Captain America and Bucky being at the base put the fear in Arnold that the Executioner would come to eliminate him for failing in his mission. Lupa pretended to be afraid to maintain her cover and the two plotted to get the plans that night. When Lupa failed to seduce the secrets out of Jim while out for dinner, Arnold drugged his drink and they fled in their car for the desert.

Unknown to them, Captain America and Bucky had already learned the true identity of Jim's new girlfriend and were at the scene. Bucky managed to climb aboard the car but Captain America was held up by an attack from an army of communist spies. Out in the desert Lupa and Arnold tied Jim to a cactus and demanded he reveal where the secret plans are kept. Bucky then attacked but he too was captured. When Captain America finally caught up he easily beat Arnold in a fight. Deeming the mission a failure, Lupa revealed to Arnold that she was the Executioner and shot her husband dead. Then, to the shock of Captain America and Bucky, Lupa then turned the gun on herself and committed suicide having also deemed her mission a failure as well.


Lupa carried a pistol.

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