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Horace Ledge, friend of Dollar Bill, was badly beaten by Lunatik when he tried to come to Valkyrie's aid[1]

According to the complicated origin story of the character, the extra-dimensional ruler Arisen Tyrk attempted to flee the Other Realm when facing threats to his life. His attempt to cross a damaged extra-dimensional portal, created several different fragments of Tyrk and scattered them across dimensions. Four fragments of Tyrk ended up on Earth. [2]

One fragment of Tyrk was sentient, intelligent, and normal-looking. He became Harrison Turk, a drama professor at the Empire State University.[2] Another fragment became the original Lunatik. This fragment was driven by a twisted sense of righteousness, and became a vigilante. He wanted to punish evil-doers, but lacked the rationality to distinguish between serious crimes and misdemeanors. He violently attacked people for the slightest breaking of a law or rule. [2] Two other fragments were driven by different aspects of Tyrk's personality, but looked up to the original Lunatik. They also adopted the identity of the Lunatik, resulting in three different Lunatiks running around. Each looking identical, but acting in different ways. [2] Harrison Turk became aware of his fellow fragments and acted to protect them, providing them with refuge from their foes and shelter in his apartment. [2]

The fragments have since been reabsorbed by the original Arisen Tyrk, who was left inert following his last battle. [3] A missing fragment using the Lunatik identity was reportedly located and killed by the mercenary called Lunatik, who considered him a competitor. [4]

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