Luke was a student at the Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth.

Nick Fury's Trial

When Kingpin took over the Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth, he imprisoned the students who didn't agree with his methods, Luke was one of those students.

Luke was later freed by his friends, and joined the Avengers Academy like they all did. Luke then joined in on the battle to defeat Kingpin, and the Hand.

After the Kingpin was defeated, and jailed, Luke and his girlfriend Jessica Jones decided to start a joint investigative, and protective agency with the intention of keeping their neighborhood safe.

New Avengers

Director Fury was looking for a team leader for a new team, and Luke was offered the position. Luke was surprised, and asked why Fury choose him instead of someone else, Fury told him he had the qualities to be a good leader, and that he was also having problems finding other heroes with those abilities, since the ones he had in mind to recruit to the Academy were disappearing.

Luke accepted the position, and formed the New Avengers. Their first mission was to investigate what happened to the heroes Fury had told them were disappearing.[1]


Seemingly those of Luke Cage of Earth-616.

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