When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Luke Cage helped the Avengers hold back the infected. Eventually, the scientists searching for a cure moved their operations to New Jersey to retreive old equipment. However, the rescue ships that were supposed to take them to a safer location never arrived, so Luke left with a group to find trucks, a task that was estimated to take three to four hours. Thankfully, Wolverine and Deadpool bought them the time they needed to deliver the trucks and escape.[1]

At some point, as the Avengers continued to fight the infected, Luke succumbed to the plague himself, killing Squirrel Girl and his wife Jessica Jones soon afterwards.[2]

He was later seen among the Punisher's collection of severed heads.[3]


Seemingly those of Luke Cage (Earth-616)#Powers.


Due to his exposure to Survivor 118, Luke Cage was capable of adapting to extreme changes in his environment.

  • He was originally portrayed in his old Power Man costume. He has since been retconned to look in line with his recent appearances.
  • He is one of the few villians in Marvel history to succesfully defeat Squirrel Girl.

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