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Borgia was a 16th-Century Italian Noblewoman born into a mad family seeking religious and political power through any means necessary, even if that meant poisoning rivals and having an incestuous relationship with your father and/or brother.

After her death, she became part of the souls trapped into Mephisto's realm. Chosen by Satannish with other three damned to be part of his Lethal Legion, Lucrezia was remodeled into Cyana. With her new body, Borgia gains the power to exude poisons from her long, claw-like fingernails, capable of killing with a just scratch. With those newfound powers, she battled against U.S. Agent , Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and the other West Coast Avengers. At the end of a battle between Satannish and Mephisto over the possession of the stolen souls, Lucrezia and her fellow legionnaires were first depowered, then destroyed.[1]

Some time later, her preserved head was retrieved in Italy by a group of mercenary hired by Borgia Omega[2] and subsequently seen as part of the necro-cyborg's frame and mind-hive.[3]


Poisonous Kiss/Touch

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