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Lucius Hall

Professor Lucius Hall was a school teacher who taught near Camp Lehigh in the 1940's. He eventually decided to take up a career in crime. To this end he would develop the identity of the "Camera Fiend", wearing a disguise to obscure his identity he would use a specially rigged camera that would fire poisoned darts that would kill his intended targets upon contact.

Hall became obsessed with obtaining royal jewels being shipped in from Britain. As the Fiend he would break into the Maritime Commissioner where he would murder the men on duty and steal the information he needed. However, before he could escape he would be attacked by Captain America and his sidekick Bucky, unaware that Bucky was one of his students. When the authorities would end up arriving on the scene the Camera Fiend would flee into the night.

The following day, as Professor Hall, Lucius would agree to Bucky's suggestion that they go and watch as the royal jewels are offloaded from a ship later that day. Neither of them aware of the fact that in doing so would suit both of their ends. At docks, Professor Hall would slip away to change into the Camera Fiend, kill the British ambassador and make an attempt on the jewels. However, Captain America and Bucky would intervene again and send the Camera Fiend fleeing.

Deducing Bucky's double identity, he would take advantage of Bucky's boast that he could get Captain America's picture. That night, the Camera Fiend would sneak into Camp Lehigh and replace Bucky's camera with one that was rigged to fire a poison dart. Captain America would manage to prevent himself from being fatally poisoned just in time. Cap would attempt to feign being dead to try and lure the Camera Fiend into getting close enough to be captured, however the Fiend would not fall for it and leave a mocking note instead.

The next day, Bucky would bring Captain America into his class to make up for the lack of picture. Hall would attempt to snap a photo of Captain America, hoping to catch the hero off guard and kill him with one of his darts. However, by this time, Cap had deduced the Fiend's true identity and once more avoid a poison needle. Captain America, with the aid of Bucky and members of the Sentinels of Liberty youth group would capture Hall and turn him over to the authorities.[1]


Hall was a trained teacher, specializing in the education of young adults.


When operating as the Camera Fiend, Hall wore a disguise which included a fake mask, prop glasses and a wig to disguise himself.


The Camera Fiend was armed with a camera that was specially rigged to fire a needle that was coated with a lethal poison. The cameras flash would cover the delivery method of his poison.

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