Quote1 The Black Pantser strikes, Low Gage! Wakanda about it? Quote2
-- Cholla (Earth-9047) src

Low Gage was one of the many super-heroes that were attracted by the spectacular super-battle between two of the main super-teams, the invading X-Persons and the defending Offengers in the remains of the Offengers Mansion (the first casuality). When Gage joined the fight, it had escalated to a huge conflict. During the fight, Black Pantser took down Gage's trousers to ridiculize him; Gage was dumbstruck as this was something that should not be done in a comic-book at the time. Eventually, the fight stopped after the artist was unable to keep on drawing so many characters.[1]

Comic-books featuring mutie super-heroes had spectacular series due to the mutie's genetic S-Factor. Several non-mutie super-heroes who had less spectacular sales, including Gage, gathered in an anti-mutie team, the Ominous consortium of their most deadly and most implacable enemies[2] The consortium harassed the main mutie team, the X-Persons, and relentlessly approached their secret hideout. Two allies of the X-Persons, Scarlett Wench and Slicksilver, saw the consortium and alerted the X-Persons.[3] The consortium sent other teams of super-villains to weaken the X-Persons, and then attacked the muties themselves. Gage was among the rows of the consortium during this raid.[2]

Gage was not seen again in later issues, but no-one ever references the battle or any casualty on it.


Who knows. He never uses any power in either of his two appearances.[1][2]


Low Gage does not have the S-Factor in his ADN, meaning that he is not a mutie and that comic-book series featuring him do not automatically have a boost in their sales.[2]

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