While at college his father David Lieberman met and fell in love with Jan O'Reilly, she left him after his criminal ways caught up to him. However he did not know she was pregnant. He however learned the truth and kept tabs on the both of their lives as best he could. Learning his son Louis Frohike won a science scholarship in high school.[1]


He began working with his father who became a skilled hacker himself together they helped Castle when he confronted the malevolent leader of a dedicated and well-armed cult but ultimately they took down their leader "The Rev".[2] but ultimately he took down their leader "The Rev" [3] They were caught in the midst of nuclear waste, atomic terrorism, and international intrigue.[4] This landed them in a life-and-death shootout high above the city.[5] They later tried to take down a group of white collar criminals. [6] This lead to them hunting down the Skid Row Slasher. However Louis was killed during a hostage exchange.[7]

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