Very little of Alamo Lou Dade's past has been revealed. At one point in her life, she lead a gang of outlaws across Texas, along with her love-struck second-in-command Whip Sandler. Looking for a large payday, Lou, Whip and the rest of her gang held up a train, and took a number of wealthy passengers hostage, hoping to illicit large ransoms, including a young doctor named Matthew Masters.

Lou left the hostages, including Masters, under the guard of four of her gang members, and rode into town with Sandler to negotiate ransoms. Unbeknownst to Lou, Masters was in fact the famed vigilante The Black Rider, and after freeing the remaining hostages, The Rider made his way to town and confronted Lou. During a gunfight, Lou pretended to faint, drawing The Rider to her side. Lou then kicked The Rider in the face, knocking him out cold.

After riding off with The Rider as a hostage, Lou and her posse got caught in a rain storm, and invaded a ranch house, taking the family as hostage as well. Finding herself falling for The Rider, Lou attempted to seduce him, but to no avail. Infuriated, Lou threatened to kill the entire hostage family in order to force The Rider to kiss her. Upon hearing this, Whip, who harbored unreturned feelings for Lou, became jealous and shot Lou in the back.

Left to die by Whip, Lou untied The Rider, in hopes that it would show The Rider how much she cared for him. After stepping outside to deal with Whip, The Rider returned to Lou's side, and granted her dying request for a kiss.[1]


  • None.


  • Various horses.


  • Handguns.

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