The past history of Lou-Ann Savannah of Earth-7812 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart. Much like on Earth-616, Lou-Ann would begin a relationship with Rick shortly after he was bonded to the Kree super-hero known as Captain Marvel. Years earlier, Rick was exposed to a massive dose of radiation causing him to struggle to find a cure for becoming the Gamma spawned monster known as the Hulk.

Rick would confide into Lou-Ann his past history, his struggles with being the Hulk and his shared life with Mar-Vell. Lou-Ann would soon come to fear whenever Rick would be shunted away to the Negative Zone because he might once more turn into the Hulk. She would eventually contact Rick's friend Bruce Banner to help her save Rick. Banner would take Lou-Ann to see Mr. Fantastic and the two geniuses would work to not only free Rick from the Negative Zone, but separate him from the Hulk as well.

Free from his bonds to both the Hulk and Captain Marvel, Rick would continue a normal relationship with Lou-Ann.[1] Her present activities remain unrecorded.

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