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20th Century

During World War II, while most Japanese-Americans were sent to internment camps, one man known as Gojo was granted immunity by the US government due to his past assistance to the United States in 1942. He resided in Los Angeles, and unknown to authorities was a loyal spy for Imperial Japan. From his mansion he trained subversives in the art of assassination and martial arts until he was stopped by the Sub-Mariner.[1] In 1945, the city put on a War Bond drive and put a captured Nazi buzz-bomber on display. Imperial Japanese spies attempted to steal the bomber, but were stopped by the Destroyer.[2]

Modern Age

Points of Interest


Amy Lou Johnston (Earth-616)

Amy Lou Johnston (Earth-616) from West Coast Avengers Vol 1 4 001

Amy Lou Johnston

Amy Lou Johnston was a reporter who interviewed the Avengers West Coast after they defeated Graviton.[4]

Jefferson Wolfe (Earth-616)

Jefferson Wolfe (Earth-616)

Jefferson Wolfe

Jefferson Wolfe was Tyler Lang's companion. Although, he was infected by AIDS and transmitted the disease to Tyler, he was still alive and, ironically, in better shape. Tyler's father sent his men to kill him for revenge, but he was saved by Falcon. Mr. Lang then sent Speedfreek to him, but Jefferson was once again saved by the Hulk, aided by Rick Jones and Jim Wilson. At Tyler's funeral, he approached Mr. Lang and recorded all his threats, in order to send the tape over to the police.[5]

Former Residents

Ralph Baldone (Earth-616)

Ralph Baldone (Earth-616)

Ralph Baldone

Ralph Baldone was an eminent gangster who was killed by Speedfreek, as commissioned by Mr. Lang.[5]

Tyler Lang (Earth-616)

Tyler Lang (Earth-616)

Tyler Lang

Tyler Lang was the son of Mr. Lang. He was infected by AIDS by his companion Jefferson Wolfe and spent his last days at Jim Wilson's clinic.[5]


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