Lorne Lincoln was a telekinetic who was the same age as Poltergeist. His main job while staying at the Heartbreak Hotel was as a street mime (though he was not always paid by his audience when he passed the hat to them), and to help Kate keep Poltergeist's powers from wreaking too much havoc at the Hotel. He tried to cheer up Dazzler with his jokes and stories, but ultimately failed. [1]

He later teamed with Poltergeist when he decided to try and rescue Dazzler from the Gladiators at the Underground Mutant Theatre. After disabling (possibly killing) the two Gladiators who confronted them when they first entered the Underground Theater they quickly encountered the other Gladiators trying to kill Dazzler and Beast. When Flynn took Poltergeist hostage and threatened to kill him, Link used his powers to force Flynn to release Poltergeist. Link then tried to choke Flynn to death, but was talked out of it by Dazzler.

Later that night after Beast and Dazzler returned to the Hotel, Link and Poltergeist decided to leave the Hotel and see what else life had to offer them. When last seen they were thinking about going out to either Texas or Wyoming and becoming cowboys for a while. [2]

After M-Day

It is unknown if he lost his powers after M-Day.

After the Civil War, he was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative, as well as Michael Silk.[3]



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