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Lorelei Riciardi

Lorelei Riciardi was a criminal who was active in the 1940s. Her game was to marry wealthy men and then with her partner Guy Rogers, murder her newly wed husbands, making the deaths appear to be accidents or suicides. Thus, as the spouse of the deceased she would inherit their fortune. She succeeded in at least two occasions before attracting the attention of an insurance company that began investigating her activities, earning her the nickname "Miss Bluebeard". Shortly thereafter, Lorelei married the old man Giltedge, another wealthy man. When Lorelei learned about the investigation she and Guy murdered the man investigating them and dumped his body on the side of the road. This dumping was spotted by Madeline Joyce who was out joy riding. When Lorelei and Guy sped off, Madeline changed into Miss America and went after them. She knocked the two out and let their car crash so she could obtain the papers that they stolen from the man.

Miss America learned of Lorelei's track record from the insurance company unaware that one of Riciardi's men was listening in on the conversation. The man tipped Lorelei on to the fact that Miss America was intending to capture her at her home before attending a costume party being thrown in celebration of her recent marriage to Giltedge. When Miss America arrived, Riciardi's men knocked her out. Stealing Miss America's costume, Riciardi and Guy went to the party to lace her husband's drink with digitalis while Riciardi (posing as Miss America) eliminated the insurance investigator.

However, Lorelei did not expect Miss America to revive, and after making a makeshift costume out of Riciardi's curtains, crash the party and prevent Lorelei and Guy from killing their intended victims. Lorelei and her accomplices were then arrested. Lorelei's subsequent activities are unknown.

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