Lord Wotonby was the owner of a munitions manufacturing company during World War II. Unknown to all he was a secretly a Nazi sympathizer who was secretly building a massive tank in his plant to attack Britain. In order to cover up for this, he would allow no outsiders, especially the press, into his plant.

This strictly enforced rule would make US correspondent Jerry "Headline" Hunter suspicious enough to break into the factory to learn the truth. Making it inside just as Wotonby was about to unleash his tank personally, Hunter followed after it in a stolen plane. He would blow it up by dropping a bomb on it, killing Wotonby in the process.

For stopping Wotonby's attack on England, Hunter would be given a medal of bravery by the British government.


Lord Wotonby briefly drove a massive tank of his own design. It was armed with many double barreled turrets and machine guns making it a formidable weapon. However, it could easily be destroyed by sufficient explosive force.

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