When Thor discovered the atrocities committed by Gorr the God Butcher, he immediately rushed to the Halls of All-Knowing in Omnipotence City. There he encountered the caretaker of the divine archives, the Lord Librarian.

The Lord Librarian knew Thor when Odin brought him to Omnipotence City he was just a boy to learn the ways of the Old Gods and was a victim of playful torment by the young godling. Thor requested assistance in locating all gods that were murdered or have been missing. Though the aged librarian was surprised that the Asgardian God of War was interested in a library, but nonetheless led him to the Hall of the Lost, the archive of all inactive gods.

Gorr's Black Berserkers attacked the Halls of All-Knowing, injuring the Lord Librarian whilst they burned the books in the library. After Thor and Shadrak arrived they fought against the intruders. The Lord Librarian regained his strength and joined the battle too. He warned that the scroll that the Black Berserkers were burning contained coordinates to the god world of Chronux.

After the intruders were dealt with the God of the Watch arrived to complete a standard investigation of the incident. The candid god gave his report to the Lord Librarian, informing the annoyed fairy that Omnipotence City had been attempting to hail Chronux with no answers. Unaware to the severe threat the God Butcher held and believing his task to be done, he requested to be excused, but not before the Lord Librarian ordered him to summon the Parliament of Pantheons, stunning him.

The Lord Librarian realizing the danger Gorr posed to all godkind, demanded to Shadrak why he was spared after butchering numerous gods and goddess across creation. He threatened the shocked god that he would beat him with a book if he did not tell him.[1]

Upon learning of the Godbomb from Shadrak, he rushed to the Parliament of Pantheons, dragging the former with him, to warn them of the threat. However he was too late and succumbed to pain as the Godbomb was activated in the far future.

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