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Lord Chaos and Master Order exist together in the cosmos. They claim responsibility for making Peter Parker become Spider-Man so that he could play a key role in the final battle between Adam Warlock and Thanos over the Soul Gems.[1]

Master Order and Lord Chaos created the In-Betweener to maintain the balance of order and chaos within the universe. The In-Betweener planned to maintain a cosmic balance by creating universal insanity. He began by manipulating the Fantastic Four to fight amongst themselves over the Infinity Gems. Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange witnessed this and summoned Master Order and Lord Chaos who imprisoned the In-Betweener in the magic realm.[2]

When Thanos acquired the Infinity Gauntlet this got the attention of Master Order, Lord Chaos, Mistress Love, Master Hate, Galactus, Eternity, Kronos, and Adam Warlock. They joined forces and defeated Thanos when Adam Warlock stole his Infinity Gauntlet.[3]

The Living Tribunal intervened on behalf of Eternity, not believing that Adam Warlock was worthy of the gauntlet. The Living Tribunal set up a trial for Adam Warlock which all those who defeated Thanos were there to oversee. Adam Warlock was ultimately deemed not worthy by The Living Tribunal and he was ordered to give up the Gauntlet as a whole.[4]

The Lord Chaos of Earth-616, as well as its alternate reality counterparts, was annihilated by the Beyonders.[5]

After the Multiverse was destroyed by Incursions and recreated in the form of Battleworld, everyone lived there for 8 years, under the rule of God Emperor Doom.[6]

Doctor Doom's reign was ultimately overthrown by Reed Richards, who managed to seize Doom's power and use it to begin recreating the lost Multiverse, his native reality and all of its inhabitants,[7] including Lord Chaos.[8]


  • Chaos Manipulation

  • As the personification of chaos, destruction and confusion, Lord Chaos bears no personality beyond the constructs of the abstract concept he represents.
  • Lord Chaos cannot exist without Master Order and vice versa.

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