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Lash was a burglar. He was friend and "colleague" of Walter Hardy, Black Cat's father. Lash had a son, Brian Lash, who became a dangerous and violent criminal. At an unknown date he took the nickname of "Loop". Lash was captured and went in jail, after a period of good conduct he was sent to Parkgreen, a prison of minimum security. Lash received the visit of Felicia Hardy who needed his help. That night Felicia, as the Black Cat, went back to Parkgreen, and gave a CD-ROM about the Project: First Strike and some tools to Lash.[1]
Loop and Proust, worried for Felicia Hardy who had disappeared for 24 hours, were looking some information about Peter Parker. Loop was contacted by Proust, and seconds later Spider-Man and the Scarlet Spider entered Cat's Eye's facility, asking what was happening[2].


None, human.


Loop is a skilled computer hacker.

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