Lonkarr was a scout of Odin's who was involved with setting up and war between Asgard and the Dark Gods.

Lonkarr, while scouting far, far away, found the city of Narcisson, which was dark where Asgard was light. The peasants of Narcisson mistook him for one of their rulers and begged him for favors. One lady offered up her child in sacrifice. Lonkarr rejected this offering. Soon he was attacked by Tserron who claimed the peasants as her own. After a day of fighting, he stabbed Tserron through the chest.

Perrikus, Tserron's husband arrived and promised to destroy the kingdom of Lonkarr's lord and punish all Lonkarr's kind. Perrikus allows Lonkarr to escape so that he can be followed to Asgard.

A two-week war follows in which the Dark Gods are victorious until a young Thor inspires a defeated Odin to fight back. Odin then erased the memories of this war from the minds of all Asgardians, because of the terrible losses and the lack of glory.

Lonkarr's current whereabouts are unknown. He could have died in the war with the Dark Gods or was later destroyed in Ragnarok. It is unknown if he was revived in Oklahoma with the other Asgardians.


Standard Asgardian powers

Strength level



Wore armor


A sword

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