"London" Jack was a wanted murderer who was on the run for committing "one of the most fiendish murders ever heard of in England" when he murdered Gregory Billings. He savagely attacked his girlfriend Kitty Smiley and left her for dead and then fled to Africa. Kitty survived and passed along information to Scotland Yard who took five years to find him. Apprehending him they would attempt to bring him back to England aboard a plane when their craft would have engine troubles forcing them to land in the Belgian Congo.

After the pilot repaired their plane, Jack would make his move, disarming the detectives and tying the three men up. Knowing how to fly the plane, Jack would intend to leave the men there to die. However, as fate would have it the jungle hero Ka-Zar would witness the situation and come to the detectives aid. Leaving his companions Zar and Nono to free the detectives, Ka-Zar would hop onto the exterior of the plane as it took off.

Forcing his way inside, Ka-Zar would fight Jack into submission and offer him an ultimatum: land the plane or die. Jack would land the plane where he would be taken back into custody and taken back to England to stand trial for his crimes. His fate is unknown, but presumably he was found guilty and executed.


Was a capable pilot.

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