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Lodestone was transformed by the reality-bending Jaspers Warp created by the mutant known as Mad Jim Jaspers, which engulfed the United Kingdom several years ago.

Like other "Warpies", he was tracked down by government agency R.C.X. (Resources Control Executive), supposedly for their own safety, and put in a prison evacuated specially for the Warpies.

In truth, R.C.X. head Peter intended for them to be trained to become a superhuman army. Fearing for the safety of their charges if the plans of their superior went ahead, several R.C.X. agents, led by Agents Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, spirited the children away from the agency.

They took them to Braddock Manor to enlist the aid of Captain Britain, figuring that he could lend them much needed protection, both physical and politically. However, the agents' decision to not fully inform the hero of their situation meant he was reluctant to help, and while they argued, the Cherubim were released from their van by Meggan. They fought Captain Britain and his allies, Betsy Braddock and Captain UK, but were swiftly overpowered. In the confusion afterwards the Cherubim went rogue and the other Warpies moved into Braddock Manor.

Sometime later Lodestone and the other Warpies were discovered and taken away by Agent Peter to the Cloud Nine facility. There he was assigned to the group led by Oak.

On a mission with Oak and Ocelot, Lodestone went up against Kylun when they prevented him from entering the home of his parents. After he had been knocked out by Oak, they took him to Cloud Nine.

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Currently none, all of the Warpies were depowered by Captain Britain on Otherworld using the Sword of Might. [1]


Over using his abilities can cause Lodestone to become exhausted.

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