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Origin and Morlocks

Litterbug, a mechanic in the US Army, was employed in the construction of the giant mutant-hunting robot Sentinels. When his mutant powers manifested, he went AWOL.[1]

Eventually, he found his way into a small group of Morlocks living under the streets of Chicago. Using his knowledge of Sentinel construction, Litterbug helped the Morlocks rig a Sentinel unit. They used it to infiltrate and destroy a local base. Subsequently, the group fled Chicago for parts unknown.[2]

Post M-Day

Given his experience with Sentinel construction and his knowledge of their design, Litterbug was considered a significant threat by ONE, after he kept his powers after M-Day.[3]

He later joined another group of Morlocks under the leadership of Masque.[4][5]


With Dragoness, Litterbug and Bliss, Toad tried to have the control of the Utopian Water but they were all stopped by Iceman.[6]

He was later seen on Utopia during the Second Coming, alongside Greycrow, Random, Toad and Sack.[7]


Litterbug has a very tough chitinous exoskeleton; he also possesses superhuman strength and razor-sharp claws.

Strength level

Can lift 8 tons.

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