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List of minor Spider-Man enemies


List of minor Spider-Man enemies

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The following list of enemies are adversaries of Spider-Man, but are not as well known as some:

Minor Villains from the Comics

Minor Villains from TV and Film Series


Debuting in the cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Videoman was a crazy creation by Electro at an arcade. It is easily defeated, but returns during a storm and posses a boy named Francis Byte, who takes on the Videoman identity and fights Spider-Man. He is also defeated and decides to give up his villain ways and trains with the X-Men.

The New Goblin


Harry Osborn as the New Goblin

In the feature film Spider-Man 3, Harry Osborn becomes The New Goblin. The reason Harry Osborn is a minor villain is because he uses different gliders and gadgets in the film, while he looks and acts the same as the original Green Goblin in the comics.

Dr. Cool

Doctor Cool debuted in the old 60's Spider-Man cartoon. He had a cameo in one episode stealing priceless jewels.

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