This page lists all mutants who remained powered after the M-Day, who were repowered after M-Day, who came via time or dimensional travel to Earth-616 after M-Day or who were born, activated or created after M-Day. The scope of this page goes from AvX to IvX.
(For the mutants after M-Day, yet before AvX, please consult this page.)

Here is the second half of a list of known, confirmed powered mutants, originating from, or currently located in Earth-616 after AvX.

Also specified:

  • The status of the alternate versions: "past", "future", or "alternate".
  • The origin of the X-Gene, and of the mutation generally, for clones, artificial mutants, etc.

The list is divided in three sections and spread out over two parts:

  • The human mutants Homo sapiens superior:
    • The Post-M-Day mutants (active and powered before and after M-Day).
    • The Post-M-Day new mutants (born or activated after M-Day).
  • The non-Homo superior human mutants, including Homo supreme.
  • The Non-Human Mutants, born from others forms of life, including aliens, robots and A.I.

Post-AvX new mutants

The mutants born, activated, created, or came and stayed in Earth-616 since the Avengers/X-Men war and the dispersion of the Phoenix, after which new mutants started to manifest at rates similar to the Pre-M-Day situation, before being temporarily affected by the M-Pox outbreak, which was resolved by the Inhumans/X-Men war.

Mutants born after AvX

If there is a doubt, please classify the mutant as "activated after AvX".

Mutants activated after AvX

Mutants created after M-Day

This section include clones and humans having received mutant genetic material after M-Day.

Time- or reality-travelers that came after M-Day

Since M-Day, many mutants have come from the past, the future or an alternate reality to Earth-616 and stayed.

Non-Homo superior mutants

Some mutants aren't the fruit of an X-Gene within their genetics and part of the Homo superior species:

(Born from an Hiroshima-irradiated mother)

Non-Human Mutants

Contrary to the preceding sections, not all individuals listed here are "classic mutants" with the X-Gene. As far as we know, M-Day had no non-human victims; however, here is a list of known, living, confirmed powered Non-Human Mutants, originating from, or currently located in Earth-616.

Mutants confirmed alive and powered after M-Day

Mutants discovered and/or activated/born/created after M-Day

(Krakoa's "grandchild")
(Warlock's mutant strand-infected)


  1. She was stated by Beast to possess mutant DNA (along with human and spider), but to not be a mutant. Her DNA's origin is currently unknown