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Here is a list of known, living, confirmed powered mutants, originating from, or currently located on Earth-616.

Are also specified:

  • The status of the alternate versions: "past", "future" or "alternate".
  • The origin of the X-Gene (and of the mutation generally) for clones, artificial mutants, etc.

The list is divided in three categories:

  • The human mutants Homo sapiens superior :
    • The Post-M-Day mutants (active and powered before and after M-Day, dead or alive)
    • The Post-M-Day new mutants (born or activated after M-Day).
  • The non Homo superior human mutants, including Homo supreme
  • The Non-Human Mutants, born from others forms of life, including aliens, robots and A.I.

Post-Secret War mutants

After Secret Wars, the Terrigen Bomb was proven to have induced consecutive effects upon the mutant population.

These are the mutants who are confirmed living Post-Secret Wars:

Post-M-Day mutants

The mutants who were powered before M-Day, dead or alive, known or not, and who were living and confirmed prior to the consecutive effects that Secret Wars and the Terrigen Bomb had upon the mutant population. (Note: The Post-Secret Wars status of many remains unknown.)

Post-M-Day Mutants known before M-Day

The mutants who were already powered and alive at the time of the M-Day, and who haven't died and resurrected since, including:

  • The 198 (the human mutants known by the American Government).
  • The time- or reality-travellers who made their first steps on Earth-616 before M-Day.
  • The pre-M-Day clones.

Mutants discovered/revealed after M-Day

Mutants who were activated before the M-Day, active after, but unknown before that event.

Mutants resurrected after M-Day

Include mutants dead but powered at the time of the M-Day, as well as characters alive after the M-Day, deceased and resurrected back, and also characters who were "recomposed", such as Nate Grey or Onslaught.

Mutants repowered after M-Day

Many mutants were repowered through various means after the M-Day.

Post-M-Day New Mutants

The mutants born, activated, created or came and stayed to Earth-616 since the M-Day.

Mutants born after M-Day

A few mutants have born since the M-Day, the most well known being Hope Summers, whose arrival relaunched the evolutionary process to break the M-Day effect.[1]

If there is a doubt, please classify the mutant as "activated after M-Day".

Mutants activated after M-Day

Many new mutants have emerged since the Messiah Complex (birth of Hope Summers), the Second Coming (her return to the present and her activation) and the dispersion of the Phoenix.

Mutants created after M-Day

This category include clones and humans having received mutant genetic material after the M-Day.

Time- or reality-travelers came after M-Day

Since M-Day, many mutants have came from the past, the future or the alternate realities, to Earth-616, and stayed there.

Non-Homo superior mutants

Some mutants aren't the fruit of an X-Gene within their genetics and part of the Homo superior species:

(Born from an Hiroshima-irradiated mother)

Non-Human Mutants

Contrary to the preceding sections, not all individuals listed here are "classic mutants" with the X-Gene. As far as we know, the M-Day had no non-human victim. However, this article list the mutant confirmed as powered.


  1. Uncanny X-Men Vol 2 #13
  2. She was stated by Beast to possess mutant DNA (along human and spider's), but to not be a mutant. Her DNAs origin is currently unknown

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