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Here is a list of known, living, confirmed powered mutants, originating from, or currently located in Earth-616.

Are also specified:

  • The status of the alternate versions: "past", "future", or "alternate".
  • The origin of the X-Gene, and of the mutation generally, for clones, artificial mutants, etc.

Post-Secret War mutants

Following Secret Wars, the Terrigen Bomb was proven to have induced negative effects upon the mutant population, including the outbreak of the "M-Pox", resulting in a drop in mutant birth rates and activation.

These are the mutants who are confirmed living and powered after Secret Wars:

Artificial Mutants

There are some human individuals who are considered as mutants, although they are not mutants per se, but created by artificial means (including by graftings of X-Gene or Mutants's organs or cells, or through experiments whose results are for some reason classified as mutants rather than mutates); thus, here is a list of known, living, confirmed powered Artificial Mutants currently located in Earth-616:

Non-Human Mutants

Contrary to the preceding sections, not all individuals listed are "classic mutants" with the X-Gene nor human; thus, here is a list of known, living, confirmed powered Non-Human Mutants currently located in Earth-616:

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