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Little is detailed about Lisa’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however she seemed to have been on Asteroid M when the zombie contagion infected Sentry crashed on Earth.

When the Acolytes went to Earth in order to find Magneto she stayed on Asteroid M, possibly because she has no super-powers. Finally, the Acolytes returned without Magneto, but with the Black Panther and the infected head of Wasp. She was immediately attracted to T’Challa as they were introduced. Five years later when they returned to Earth, she and the Black Panther had a child, T'Channa. It is presumably after this that she stumbled in on T’Challa in communication with what appears to be another Black Panther.

40 Years Later

Lisa Hendricks (Earth-2149)

Grandma Hendricks

Hendricks ruled over New Wakanda with her husband King T'Challa. As age caught up with them, the new generation of Acolytes desired new leadership and so sent an assassin to kill the King in his sleep. She woke to T'Challa's shouts as he was stabbed in the stomach by the assassin. Just then, the rehabilitated Wasp burst into the room and threw the intruder against the wall. Recognising that T'Challa is dying, Wasp realized the only way to save him was to infect him, and so she bit the King of New Wakanda. As the hunger began to take her over again, she tried to attack Lisa, but she was stopped by her slowly turning husband. After the two zombies consumed the assassin they quarantined themselves to lose the hunger again.

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