The Liquid Prison, designed by Doctor Doom, was a fishbowl-like cell designed to hold fire-superpowered prisoners. The prisoner was kept within a transparent liquid so that he or she could not use any power. The prisonwer was provided a mask with a tube to give him oxygen. The Prison did not prevent the prisoner from seeing outside the glass walls or from speaking.[1]

Doom once used the dampener on a bound Human Torch. He had also captured her teammates of the Fantastic Four, placing it on a specialized cage - The Invisible Girl in a Power Dampener and the Thing on a Power Compressor while Mr. Fantastic went on a dangerous mission for Doom's purposes. Doom meanwhile explained the Invisible Girl and his other hostages his plot to abdicate in favour of his supposed son, commemorating the event with a statue of himself for the United Nations. While he went on, he and the Fantastic Four could see through a monitor how Mr. Fantastic fell to his supposed death; and not even the shock of her husband's death was enough for the Invisible Girl to overcome the restriction of the dampener.[1]

Doom later replaced the Torch's Liquid Prison with an Electronic Shackle to take him to a Power Transference Machine.[2]

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