Lincoln Quantrell was a master hypnotist during the days of the American Frontier. He travelled the west using his hypnotic powers for his own gain. With his assistant he also fixed horse bets by putting the mangy horse that pulled his wagon in horse races, but instead having his assistant ride a similar-looking horse that he had hidden inside his wagon. Eventually, Quantrell decided to aim for higher aspirations and take over the United States. To this end he sought to acquire a great deal of wealth. His first strike was in using his powers in the town of Leadville, Texas during their Frontier Days celebrations. Entering town he spied local girl Marie Lathrop and became instantly smitten by her, and aspired to use his hypnotic powers to put her under his spell and make her his queen.

While his assistant was winning the horse race, the Hypnotist went to the Leadville bank and used his hypnotic powers to put the workers under and robbed the establishment. He then returned to the livery stable where his assistant was waiting with their horse racing winnings. Deciding that his assistant had outlived his usefulness, Quantrell then tried to stab him to death. He was interrupted by the Black Rider, who was investigating the bank robbery. The hero was unprepared for the Hypnotist's hypnotic power and fell easily under his control. As chance would have it, Marie Lathrop took that moment to walk into the stable as well and she too fell under Quantrell's thrall.

Quantrell had the two escort him out of town where he then commanded the Black Rider to shoot himself in the head. However, the Black Rider's will was too strong and he broke free from the Hypnotist's control. In order to get away, Quantrell ordered Marie to ride her horse off a nearby cliff, and began shooting at the Black Rider as the hero raced off to save her. With his guard down, the Hypnotist was attacked by his assistant, who had survived his previous assault, and the two began to fight. As the Black Rider saved Marie from riding over the cliff, the Hypnotist and his assistant ended up rolling off the cliff themselves and falling to their deaths.


Lincoln Quantrell was a skill hypnotist who could put people into a hypnotic trance within a matter of moments. Those under his control could would follow his orders. However, those with particularly strong wills could fight free of his control if commanded to do something that they would never normally do. The length of time his hypnotic effects appeared to last about as long as it takes someone in his thrall to complete their commanded task. Quantrell's hypnotic ability appears to be done through conventional means and not from any mystical or super-human source.


The Hypnotist has horse drawn wagon. He also rode on a horse.


Quantrell had a whip and used a six shooter.

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