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Modern Age

After Ken Wind's escape pod crashed over the Lincoln Memorial, John Garrett followed him and was fatally attacked by Arthur Perry, who was trying to protect the Beast's favourite. The cyborg super-agent was eventually defeated and terminated by Elektra, so Wind allegedly admitted defeat[1].

Alternate Realities


Lincoln Memorial (Earth-6676)

After he was hit by the T-Gun and transported to Earth-6676, the Hulk found that the Lincoln's statue was the only thing still standing, with the dust of ages on it.[2]

Insane Impossible Man (Earth-14845)

Exiles Vol 1 49 page 08 Lincoln Memorial (Earth-14845)

On Earth-14845, The Impossible Man has the ability to shape-shift anything he wants to at will. When The Controller slaps a Slave Disc on him, The Impossible Man goes crazy, and turns the Lincoln Memorial into a statue of himself watching television.


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