"Limpy" Savoy was a notorious crime boss that operated many of the rackets in his area. When one of his men, Happy Nolan would decide to go straight and assist the District Attorney in providing testimony that would put Savoy in jail, Limpy would have him assassinated. Unfortunately for Limpy, Thomas Halloway, also known as the Angel, would be witness to the murder and seek to bring Limpy to justice.

Upon getting a telephoned threat from the Angel, Limpy would have his men try to seek out and kill the Angel in the hopes that if they failed to do so, it would keep the Angel busy long enough for Limpy to skip town. This plan would fail, and as Limpy and the Angel would scuffle in his office the phone would be knocked off the hook. As they battle, Limpy would confess to his crimes, which would be overheard by the phone operator who would contact the police and send them to Limpy's office.

By this point, Limpy's fight with the Angel would have taken to the roof of the building. Panicking at the sound of police sirens, Limpy would accidentally stumble off the roof and fall to his death.[1]


Limpy was armed with a handgun.

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