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Victor and Runaways

Apparently orphaned at an early age, Lillie joined the Street Arabs gang, becoming particularly close to the metal-winged Tristan. Sometime later, in 1907, the Runaways appeared in the Street Arabs' midst, having accidentally travelled back in time to escape Kingpin in their own time. Sensing the potential for new muscle, Arabs leader Swell invited to join the gang. Lillie fell in love with Runaway Victor Mancha and pursued him.

Lillie McGurty (Earth-616) 002


The Runaways' arrival, however, inadvertently triggered a war between the Arabs and their enemies, the Upward Path and the Sinners, culminating in an attempt to bomb the Arabs' headquarters. The damage was mitigated through the combined efforts of Runaways Xavin, Karolina and Nico, while Tristan carried the bomb as far into the air as possible, seemingly giving up his life in the process. The Runaways opted to flee back to their own time before anything else happened. Lillie was offered a ride to 2007, but declined, fearing that her powers would not work in the future.

Lillie McGurty (Earth-616) 005

A much older Lillie

Later Life

Nearly century later, Lillie, now a depressed old woman, hired the Runaways through Wilson Fisk to steal the Overdrive, a device that enabled time travel. She then sent Tristan, who had survived the explosion horribly burned and scarred, to tell Victor to send a message to her younger self, in hopes of changing the past. Tristan's appearance panicked the Runaways, setting off a chain of events that caused them to end up back in 1907. However, because the younger Lillie declined to follow them, history only repeated itself.


Lillie McGurty (Earth-616) 004

Spieler dancing with song

Lillie is a "wonder", an early 20th century term for a super-humanly powered individual, and has demonstrated the following abilities:

  • Acoustikinetic Flight: Spieler can convert music and song into her own personal kinetic field enabling her to fly and dance on air.[1]


  • Skilled Fighter: Spieler is skilled in unarmed combat.
  • Strategist: As an old woman, McGurty possesses a very keen mind, and has demonstrated a surprising talent for strategy.

  • The word "Spieler" can refer either to someone speaks loudly or someone that is player or gamester.

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